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Hotel Photography

Why great photography

– including virtual tours –

is so important for hotels ?

Because it does not cost , but PAYS !

When holiday makers go and look at a hotel website and they realize that it’s very poor photography, not only is it hard to get a good picture of the hotel, it gives the impression that the hotel doesn’t care… If they don’t care what their photography looks like, and they don’t invest the money and time to get great photography and virtual tours, it looks to people that they may not care so much about the property itself.


Hotel photography Asia - Virtual tours for hotels Hoteliers have to make sure that not only are they realistic and high-quality, but they also show everything that the guests want to see and simply show what the property will look like when the people arrive. One of the big trends in hotel photography is more and more hotels are moving towards including virtual tours in what they offer. Part of the benefit in virtual tours showing that 360-degree view is it shows your guest that you’re not trying to hide anything and you’re happy to show them everything that you have in your hotel. It’s quite easy to take a still photo and show a beautiful area, but to get a virtual tour that shows that same area and also everything in that 360-degree circle gives people the confidence that they’re actually seeing what the hotel’s gonna look like. From a hotel’s perspective, the photography of the virtual tours takes no longer than still photography. With any of our images, the majority of time is making sure that everything looks perfect in the room, the pillows are straight, the cords are hidden away as they normally are, things like that. On our end, the virtual tours are a lot more intensive to create because each 360° panorama for a virtual tour is created from a series of still photos that are processed from raw, carefully retouched then stitched together, which is the really intensive part. It takes quite a bit of time for the computer to work out the points where each of the images connects, and it’s very important to us that there are no stitch errors and the panoramic images for the virtual tours are the highest quality possible. Just have a look at one of our virtual tours references on the live site of An Lam Ninh Van Bay by Epikurean >>>

or see more here on our site >>>


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