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European Hotel Promotions – EU Hotel Pinboard

June 2012 – EU Hotel Pinboard

European Hotels and private persons can use our new application, the 1st European Hotel Pinboard >>>

EU Hotel Pinboard

EU Hotel Pinboard offers a unique opportunity for hotels with a strong gallery of beautiful photography. Not only does EU Hotel Pinboard get your hotel images (and website link!) in front of potential guests, but pinning is a great way to engage potential guests.

Why Pin Hotel Images? Simply because Pinning is Winning. And it is completly free.

Over the past two years, Pinterest has become a major factor in the online social space. The growth of Pinterest has gone from just over 4 million active users at the end of 2011 (according to their Facebook page) to just over 8.3 million active users currently.

How can hotels use EU Hotel Pin Board? Due to its photo-centric design, this social network can act as a valuable tool to increase inbound traffic to hotel websites or to a hotel Facebook page >>>


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